No matter the destination getting dressed should be fun. There are no rules. Be versatile, have fun and Own Your Style! 

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Martine Remy

store owner

Welcome Ladies and Gents! Let me start off by saying thank you to all of you who’ve been supporting me with Stopnlook101 in previous years. Your business is greatly appreciated and I look forward to continuing our shopping relationship. To all my new comers WELCOME, I hope you find this store colorful and fun for your styling needs. This accessory thing started years ago as I moved away from gold jewelry to fun fashion jewelry. I started matching earrings and socks to my nursing uniform and suddenly my collection of earrings was mounting to more than the ordinary. People would ask about my accessories both when I was at work or during my leisure. I started getting earrings and bracelets to sell to people as special requests..., then FB and Instagram came along and I ventured onto those platforms. I’m a woman of many hats.  I love everything about fashion and individual uniqueness, I love to see things styled or matched different than one would expect. I drifted from accessories to some wardrobe pieces over time. Just responding to some of my clients needs. What you see on this page should be fun and they can be styled several ways. Think outside the box. Surprise yourself! 

I’ve  packaged things from home and made daily runs to the post office, I’ve dropped off packages door to door, and I’ve allowed for pick up from my home at times. I just want to see you happy, fashionable, accessorized and owning your style. Some are familiar with inboxing order request on Instagram, if you’re on that platform you can still inbox me questions - I’ll respond daily. If you have an urgency I may do a discretionary hold if you contact me and pay half of the balance that day. Please share this page and save it for your shopping convenience. Feel free to email me questions or special item requests. Make it fun, get dressed and accessorize!